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All hail the Koopa King! Mario’s princess-obsessed arch nemesis isn’t without morals. In fact, His Nastiness has helped to save the world on more than one occasion! But, don’t mistake Bowser’s kindness for weakness. Bowser has proven time and time again that he truly is the baddest Koopa around, and unlike Mario’s other rivals, he and his Koopalings are sure to come back swinging.

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Paper Mario Pin

Whether you've been a Paper Mario fan since he was saving Star Spirits or just started with taking on the Origami King, you know Paper Mario is the most powerful parchment hero in the Kingdom. Now, you can take him anywhere by pinning him to your backpack, pin board or cloth mask. Now with custom backing card!

Paper Luigi Pin

Mario's younger brother, Luigi, is determined to be every bit the hero his older brother is. From jealously standing on the sidelines throughout Paper Mario to saving Princess Éclair of the Waffle Kingdom in Thousand Year Door and actively assisting Mario in Super Paper Mario, Color Splash and Origami King, Luigi always shows up in one way or another.

Paper Peach Pin

The often endangered ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, is more than your average damsel in distress. Cunning and skilled with her trusty parasol, Peach often helps to save herself from situations. Ever the diplomat, she tends to make allies in even the most unexpected places to assist her in besting the evildoers that come against her.

Paper Toad Pin

The ubiquitous residents of the Mushroom Kingdom have arrived! While Toads as a species come in many varieties and styles, Toad has a red-spotted mushroom cap and blue vest.

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Unleash the fury of Bowser with this 1 5/8″ hard enamel pin.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

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  1. Ellie

  2. Sheldon

    Great quality. My girlfriend loves your entire Paper Mario pin set. Thanks a ton!

  3. Anna

    Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much!! <3

  4. Alissa

    Great quality! Quick shipping. Overall very happy with my purchase.

  5. Matthew

    Excellent quality, looks absolutely amazing

  6. tommykime

    Such high quality pins. Will keep an eye out for new drops!

    Image #1 from tommykime
  7. Rebecca

    SO CUTE. Very good quality pin, only complaint was that it was really hard to get the backs off of it?? And that might have been a me thing but I spent a really long time on that and it kind of hurt my fingers, but at least I know that it’s secure lol

  8. Pine

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