Water Tribe Isabelle & Pascal Pin


Calling all Water Tribe citizens and wholesome villagers! Featuring a Katara inspired Isabelle and Pascal sporting Sokka’s outfit and trusty boomerang, this Water Tribe Isabelle and Pascal pin is the quinchiest!

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Avatar Crossing

Earth Kingdom Nooks Pin

Calling all Earth Kingdom citizens and Animal Crossing residents! Unearth the perfect addition to your collection with the limited edition Earth Kingdom Nooks Pin, featuring Tom Nook outfitted as Long Feng beside Timmy and Tommy wearing outfits inspired by Dai Lee agents.

Fire Nation Able Sisters Pin

Calling all Fire Nation citizens and fashionable villagers. In this limited edition Fire Nation Able Sisters Pin, Mable takes center stage as Azula, Sable broodingly embodies Mai and Label bends into Ty Lee's acrobatic form.

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Bend water and worlds with this 2-inch Water Tribe Isabelle & Pascal hard enamel pin from our Avatar Crossing line!

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Dimensions2 × 2 × .5 in


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